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Men and adolescent males who find themselves continually returning to pornography and masturbation are struggling with sexual addiction. While a man may have been caught with pornography or is personally tired of feeling down or discouraged by his inability to stop, there is hope. I work with males who are tired of the same old cycle and want to actually resolved some of the underlying issues that drive the need to return to pornography and masturbation.

Do you experience some of the symptoms of sexual addiction?

• Very few or no male friends
• Get angry or enraged easily or numb emotionally
• Rigid and inflexible
• Spend many hours thinking about sex or involved in
   pornography and acting sexually
• Increase sexual fantasy and sexual risk over time
• Real relationships are too complex and pornography
   is a relationship you can control
• Masturbation occurs after marriage

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While learning about sexual addiction is important, knowledge alone often does not provide long term relief from the symptoms of sexual addiction. If you would like to make an appointment for a personal consultation to discuss your specific circumstances please contact me at 714-326-9893 or email at: for more information. All sessions are confidential.
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