SERVICES: Homosexuality

Homosexuality and Lesbianism

Adult Identity Development
Those who are unhappy living in a homosexual or lesbian identity may experience depression, anxiety, fear of social settings, and obsessing over the same things. We want to support discovery of your God intended identity through the counseling process.

Unwanted Homosexuality or Lesbianism
Some clients contact us because they have unwanted homosexual or lesbian desires. Some of these individuals do not identify themselves as homosexual and want to change their homoerotic desires. Some have identified themselves as homosexuals in the past and are dissatisfied. We offer counseling to help these individuals achieve their desired goals.

Service Conditions
Persons seek this service voluntarily and not under coercion and understand that services are provided under the following guidelines:

Counseling is appropriate for those clients who volitionally request help with distress over homoerotic impulses, homosexual behavior, or life satisfaction. This counseling is not appropriate for those clients who volitionally request gay affirmative counseling.

Same-sex eroticism per se is not considered a mental illness by any of the major mental health organizations.

Studies completed to date by researchers do not support any one particular theory for the origins of same-sex attraction and/or homosexual orientation.

There are alternatives to receiving professional therapy (e.g., religious-based support groups).

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