Hope for Parents

For parents who have discovered or suspect that their child is having difficulty in gender identity or living with same-sex attraction.

Adolescent Boys
Boys at this age are seeking greater power and privilege often without the responsibility and maturity to handle more. These needs often create conflict in parent-son relationships. We meet with parents and sons to develop a communication that will foster healthy negotiation and resolution of conflicts.

Children Exhibiting Opposite Gender Identification Behavior
When parents of young children begin to notice opposite gender behaviors there is often a great concern. We work with parents to make changes that will result in healthy gender development.

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Adolescent Disclosure of Homosexual Feelings
Parents of teens typically discover their son or daughter has same-sex feelings or relationships through voluntary disclosure or accidentally. Because parents are often new to the issue, we provide therapy to help parents navigate through the maze of complex decisions and emotions to make the best choices on behalf of their child.

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The Next Step
The next step is to make an appointment to discuss your specific circumstances. We listen carefully to your needs and provide options for you to consider in caring for your son or daughter. All sessions are confidential. You may contact me at  714-326-9893 or send us a message via the Contact Us form for more information.

Homosexuality and Lesbianism

Adult Identity Development
Those who are unhappy living in a homosexual or lesbian identity may experience depression, anxiety, fear of social settings, and obsessing over the same things. We want to support the discovery of your God intended identity through the counseling process.

Unwanted Homosexuality or Transgenderism
Some clients contact us because they have unwanted homosexual or lesbian desires. Some of these individuals do not identify themselves as homosexual and want to change their homoerotic desires. Some have identified themselves as homosexuals in the past and are dissatisfied. We offer counseling to help these individuals achieve their desired goals.

Service Conditions for Treatment of Gender Identity
Persons seek this service voluntarily and not under coercion and understand that services are provided under the following guidelines:

Counseling is appropriate for those clients who volitionally request help with distress over homoerotic impulses, homosexual behavior, or life satisfaction. This counseling is not appropriate for those clients who volitionally request gay-affirmative counseling.

Same-sex eroticism per se is not considered a mental illness by any of the major mental health organizations.

Studies completed to date by researchers do not support any one particular theory for the origins of same-sex attraction and/or homosexual orientation.

There are alternatives to receiving professional therapy (e.g., religious-based support groups).

If you would like to have a personal consultation with our staff to understand how the above services may benefit you or your family, please contact me at 714-326-9893 or send us a message via the Contact Us form for more information.

Marital Counseling

We provide counseling focusing on areas that affect your marriage.

• Conflict Resolution
• Communication for Understanding
• Finances
• Infidelity

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact me at
714-326-9893 or send us a message via the Contact Us form for more information.

Sexual Addiction

Men and adolescent males who find themselves continually returning to pornography and masturbation are struggling with sexual addiction. While a man may have been caught with pornography or is personally tired of feeling down or discouraged by his inability to stop, there is hope. I work with males who are tired of the same old cycle and want to actually resolve some of the underlying issues that drive the need to return to pornography and masturbation.

Do you experience some of the symptoms of sexual addiction?

• Very few or no male friends
• Get angry or enraged easily or numb emotionally
• Rigid and inflexible
• Spend many hours thinking about sex or involved in
pornography and acting sexually
• Increase sexual fantasy and sexual risk over time
• Real relationships are too complex and pornography
is a relationship you can control
• Masturbation occurs after marriage

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While learning about sexual addiction is important, knowledge alone often does not provide long term relief from the symptoms of sexual addiction. If you would like to make an appointment for a personal consultation to discuss your specific circumstances please contact me at 714-326-9893 or send us a message via the Contact Us form for more information.. All sessions are confidential.