TRAINING: Lay Counseling

Lay Counselor Training Course

Audience: For mature Christians who desire certification to offer lay Christian counseling within a church lay counseling program.

Course Description: Delivering a professional quality lay counseling service means being able to listen, understand and care for the client.  This course experientially trains participants to respond to real life client dilemmas.  We utilize group experience and professional support to integrate new learning. In this course, doing is learning!

Course Objectives and Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, participants will have experience and knowledge of:

  • Self acceptance
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Care
  • Reconciliation process
  • Blessing others

Course Topics

  • Accepting Limitations and Dependence On God
  • The Structure Of A Counseling Session
  • The Christian Care Difference
  • Empathy: Ministering To The Whole Person
  • Reconciliation: Resolving Inner Conflicts
  • Helping The Client To Discover Their Solutions
  • Blessing The Client

Instructional Format: Lecture, discussion, group exercises. Experiential learning.

Duration of Class: 5 classes. Total 15 hours.
Instructor: Robert Brennan, MFT.
Cost: $650 per person

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