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Parental Effectiveness In Promoting Healing
Parents with a son or daughter in the gay lifestyle know pain. This workshop will validate parental feelings, refocus our theology, and provide practical steps to resolve pain and bring healing to family members.

Reversing Homosexual Development
Parents who discover their son or daughter has same-sex attraction experience great pain. With a well-intended effort to redirect the child’s behavior, parents may act in ways that are counterproductive to their child’s healing. This workshop will help parents and families learn strategies for promoting healing.

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Mood and Emotions

Depression in Christians
Christians are trapped in depression as often as the world is. What is different about Christian’s outlook on depression and how does that outlook perpetuate depression? This workshop will specifically look at how depression affects Christians who have a background in gender confusion.

Emotional Codependence
Codependency is a habitual system of thinking, feeling, and behaving toward themselves and others that can cause pain. This workshop will help co-dependents to identify why relationships are not full of richness and meaning and what they can do to find peace and a content self.

Sexual Addiction

The Addiction to Pornography 
The routine of returning continuously to pornography often leaves the user feeling empty, guilty and unfulfilled. This presentation identifies why pornography is a challenge to overcome without the help and tools needed.

Sexual Addiction and Family Development
Do our families of origin really have much to do with the development of sexual addiction? This presentation examines the family roots of sexual addiction.

Sexual Addiction Recovery
Freedom from the cycle of craving, hunting, fulfillment, and the let down requires help from others and a conscious effort to break the cycle. This presentation identifies the cycle and what it takes to break the pattern of addiction.

Pornography Impact on Women in Marriage
Wives often find out about their husband’s pornography use after many years of use. This presentation examines the many issues women must work through when they discover their partner is using pornography.